Moving Checklist
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4 weeks before move

Determine a firm date for moving. If not possible an approximate one will do for now.

Have a thorough cleanout and garage sale.

Start using up your frozen and canned foods.

Check all your larger items of furniture will fit into your new house.

Start notifying every one of your pending move and change of address details.

List essential things you will need on moving day.

Collect or buy sturdy cardboard boxes. We can give you boxes to you prior to the move.

Advise your childrens school of your impending move.

Select your childrens new school.

Seek advice on how to prepare for packing and transporting ornaments, collectables, antiques, fragile and electrical goods. We can advice you on this.

2-3 weeks before move

Start packing, labelling each box. If you would prefer, we offer full packing service or fragile packing services.

Arrange with the post office to redirect your mail.

Arrange transfer of Household Insurance.

Arrange for cleaning of your empty property after moving if using a cleaner. We can arrange this for you.

Last days

Cancel local arrangements, mowing, milko, newspaper deliveries, etc.

Collect lay-bys, dry cleaning, etc.

Return any rented gas bottles, DVDs, games or library books.

Clean and defrost fridge and freezer.

Partly used bottles of sauces and marinades should be discarded for fear of spillage in a box during transit.

Dismantle swing sets, sheds, beds, etc. We can offer this as part of our moving service.

If you have pets, make arrangements for their safe transport. We can arrange this for you as well.

Have a final clean out, getting rid of all flammable liquids. For your insurance purposes NO FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS or GASES can be transported by your removalist.

Moving Day

Have a last minute box handy which can be packed the kettle, tea, coffee, biscuits, milk, which is handy to have during the loading process.

If you cannot be at the uplift address, make sure someone is there to meet the removalist. Carry with you essential items you will need when you first arrive at your new home. Also, carry your valuables i.e. jewellery and important papers.

Last Minute Checklist

Check there is nothing left behind

Check the Gas is turned off at the meter

Check the electricity is turned off at the mains

Check the phone is disconnected

Check all windows and doors are locked

Surrender the house keys to the new owner, estate agent, solicitor or caretaker.